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MASCA BOD stands by our original decision to revoke the privileges of any MASCA dog going AKC/FSS. MASCA does not recognize any dog now registered as a MINIATURE AMERICIAN SHEPHERD, as an Australian Shepherd of the miniature size variety. We want to remind all MASCA members when they purchase a dog or pup from a breeder/sellerthat the buyer should insist on receiving full disclosure in writing of all registries of the puppy’s parents and/or dog. A responsible breeder should be willing to give the buyer a 3 generation pedigree on the sire and dam of a puppy. The only registries recognized by MASCA for individual or hardship registration applications are: MASCA, ASDR, NSDR, ASCA, AKC Australian Shepherds, and NAMASCUSA Miniature Australian Shepherds that have NOT gone AKC as Miniature American Shepherds. MASCA does not recognize the APRI registry. Also we want to remind MASCA members it is THE BUYER’s responsibility to check this out before they purchase a dog or pup. It is easy to go to the AKC site and look up a dog by name in the FSS:

Members can also go to the files section of the MASCA members2 list to get the info on the ones we have identified and listed there, but should check the AKC site for updates as the MM2 list might not be all inclusive.

Members should not expect the MASCA BOD to “grant special privileges” for registering a dog after a purchase is made since a decision has already been made concerning dogs that are registered AKC/FSS as Miniature American Shepherds.



Will the real mini Aussie please stand up?

Right now there is the real mini Aussie registered with MASCA; who will diligently work to protect the integrity of the MASCA registry and the dog known as a smaller sized Aussie, the mini Aussie. Then there is the other dog, the Miniature American Shepherd that NAMASCUSA/MASCUSA is taking into FSS/AKC as a breed separated from the AKC Australian Shepherd by name and registration.

MASCA’s essential mission is to “Preserve, Protect and Work” the Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety. This mission equally preserves the Aussie’s integrity as the most versatile, healthy, highly intelligent, loyal and affectionate companion, or working dog you will ever find… the real Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety

So what then are these “other” dogs we hear about today…. The Miniature American Shepherd, North American Shepherd, and who knows what else? They are simply variants of the Real Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety becoming a new breed through either FSS/AKC or CDHPR/UKC… a dog taken from within portions of the Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety breed standard to suit the whims of special interest groups/individuals.

What happens when all of these variants, with eventually a different gene pool (in 2 years the Miniature American cannot be bred to AKC Aussies), are bred together to “perfect” this new breed with a different standard? Eventually they will change and become an animal that will look very different from the original Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety. Breeding for the AKC show ring will change the physical and mental structure of the dog. It will lose its purpose and its original character, as well as its mental and physical soundness, and will become something entirely different… whatever suits the whim of those controlling the new breed.

It is history repeating itself… it is how the AKC Aussie of today once evolved from the original working ASCA Aussie or how the AKC Border Collie of today once evolved from the ABCA Border Collie, a true sheepdog. If this information isn’t enough, Google the AKC Aussie and the ASCA working line Aussie, or the AKC Border Collie and the ABCA Border collie to see the extreme differences in type.

In closing, remember that the original type of Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety will continue on with the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America as its protector. So please consider the consequences and help us ensure that the REAL Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety will be here for another 200 years!

Thank you for your support as we move into the future,

MASCA Board of Directors