Registration Information

MASCA provides certified registration and four (4) generation pedigrees in order to promote and encourage the participation in activities sponsored by the various all-breed clubs. If you have a question specifically with regards to registration, please contact the Registrar at For general questions, please email


MASCA promotes responsible dog ownership and breeding and serves as a resource to Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety breeders and owners. The MASCA Code of Ethics stipulates that members must sell all pet quality dogs on a spay/neuter contract or provide early spay/neuter. Hip clearances and recent eye exam for both sire and dam are highly desirable and litter registrations fees for offspring of cleared dogs are significantly reduced. (A photocopy of the dogs’ eye and/or hip clearance certificate must filed with MASCA in order to gain this benefit.) Certain MASCA Registrations require that a questionnaire regarding certain faults be completed and signed by a veterinarian.


Individual Registration

MASCA accepts Individual Dog Registrations for Australian Shepherds with one MASCA registered parent and one ASCA, UKC or AKC registered Australian Shepherd parent or both parents registered with ASCA or AKC as Australian Shepherds.

  1. Individual Registration Application;
  2. A photocopy of the dog’s ASCA or AKC registration certificate.;
  3. A minimum of three (3) generation pedigree with ancestors’ registration numbers noted as far back as known (please use the MASCA Pedigree Form or provide your own);
  4. Three color photos of the dog in a standing position: one each of the full body left and right side and one from the front;
  5. A copy of OFA/CERF certificate(s) , if available, for Blue Ribbon Breeder program and title certificate(s) for pedigree inclusion; and
  6. Registration fee.

MASCA WILL NOT ISSUE REGISTRATION TO DOGS UNDER 14 INCHES AT THE WITHERS WITHOUT review by the Registration Review Board. Please submit the following:

  1. Four (4) color photos of the dog in a standing position: one each of the full body left and right side, one of the head and one from the rear; and
  2. Non-refundable processing fee of $10.

The Board will review the submission and grant ruling of REGISTRATION (upon which regular registration procedure, minus the photographs, may be followed) or NO REGISTRATION, based on the dog’s successful ability to meet the MASCA Breed Standard within reasonable degree. The Board will issue a written report as to why such conclusions were made. The Board realizes that no dog is without fault and that the MASCA Breed Standard stipulates that “quality is not to be sacrificed in favor of size”.


Hardship Registration

MASCA accepts Hardship Registrations for NSDR, ASDR, and NAMASCUSA registered Australian Shepherds who meet the MASCA Breed Standard height requirement. Please submit the following:

  1. Hardship Registration Application, verifying height of the dog is over 14 inches;
  2. A copy of the dog’s NSDR, ASDR or NAMASCUSA registration certificate;
  3. A minimum of a four (4) generation pedigree with heights for a minimum of two (2) generations, and registration numbers noted as far back as known (please use the MASCA Pedigree Form or provide your own);
  4. Six color photos: head, full body left, full body right, front standing, back standing, and one standing side with a measuring stick plainly showing the height at the withers.  Acceptable height is over 14 inches. Dog must be at least one (1) year of age in photos;
  5. Copy of passing at no less than a year of age Orthopedic Foundation for Animal (OFA) hip clearance certificate or other appropriate recognized hip clearance;
  6. Copy of current passing Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) certificate (exception may be granted where no certified ophthalmologist can be located within a 200 mile radius of applicant; please contact MASCA for more information);
  7. Copy of title certificates, if any, for inclusion in the pedigree database; and
  8. Registration fee.Optional:
  9. Additional CERF from 7 weeks of age and/or thyroid panel and/or Pelger-Huet screening.

MASCA is actively seeking dogs falling below the preferred ASCA/AKC standard for the express purpose of knowledgeably increasing the genetic diversity of the Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety population.

Without a registry recording and studying such matings, there will be no public record and no reporting of results. In addition, registration will familiarize breeder with lines which tend to consistently produce in the mini Aussie range. However, MASCA does not require nor encourage applicants to cease registration with any other organization.

While some claim that it is acceptable to outcross to Australian Shepherds and suggest that such dogs need not be registered as Australian Shepherds of the miniature variety, MASCA believes that Aussies and mini Aussies are but two varieties of the same breed, and that these smaller dogs deserve to compete in an arena where they will not be penalized for size. In fact, if you know of an under 17¾” bitch, or an under 19″ dog which has finished an ASCA or AKC championship, please send us the dog’s name and where it finished for our records!

All applications are reviewed by the Registration Committee, consisting of both Australian Shepherd and Australian Shepherd of the miniature varieity owners and breeders. The Committee has an interest in introducing bloodlines with low occurrence of inherited disorders. Special consideration shall be given to applicants submitting any of the additional Optional clearances (Section I.8.), as well as to dogs with bloodlines differing from those already registered, however, the decision will be 80% based on successfully fulfilling and submitting the required documentation and completing the application.

The Suffix System

MASCA registration numbers employ suffixes with the following meanings:

M: (1) NASCUSA, (2) NSDR “MA” dogs and (3) ASCA, AKC and/or NSDR “A” Australian Shepherds which are at least 1/8 traditional miniature Australian Shepherd lines (including, but not limited to, lines related to Cordova’s Spike, Meadow Oaks and Valhalla.)
A: Any Australian Shepherd having qualified for registration under Special Registration that does not fit into the “M” category. This may include ASCA, AKC, NSDR “A” and foreign registered Australian Shepherds.
B: Earned only when at least one parent is a MASCA registered and indicates that a dog has significant recent percentage of non-traditional mini Aussie lines, as further defined below.
O: NOT a MASCA registration suffix, “O” is used to indicate registered Australian Shepherds not falling into the above categories and not eligible for MASCA Special Registration.
Using the Suffixes:
A bred to O = O (litter not MASCA registrable, offspring may individually apply for Special Registration.)
A bred to A = B
A bred to B = B
A bred to M = M
B bred to O = A
B bred to B = M
B bred to M = M
M bred to O = B
M bred to M = M


The suffix system enables breeders and buyers to quickly assess degree of (non-traditional mini Aussie) Australian Shepherd lines in the forefront of the pedigree. The different suffix levels have identical rights in the show ring, with no prejudice, so long as agreement can be reached with the individual show club. MASCA specialty shows, however, may hold separate competition classes for A level and B/M level dogs but MUST always offer classes for all registered dogs.

Follow-Up Analysis

An in-depth study on the effects of this protocol shall be conducted starting March 1, 2002 and a follow-up analysis shall be assessed starting March 1, 2004. Participation by owners of “A” registered dogs is mandatory. The review shall cover the number of “A” dogs registered, as well as to what types of dogs these have been bred (A, B, M, other), at what suffix level of registration their offspring are registering, if and in what areas “A” registered dogs are competing, and what influence these dogs are exerting on the total gene pool.

Failure to Qualify

Dogs failing to qualify for Special Registration due to height restrictions can still be employed in mini Aussie breeding programs without prejudice but will be considered “O” rather than “A” dogs. Dogs not meeting the MASCA breed standard for any other reason will be issued a Limited Registration.


Litter Registration

If BOTH sire and dam ARE MASCA registered, please submit:

  1. Litter Registration Application; and
  2. Litter Registration Fee.

If either or both sire and dam are (is) NOT MASCA registered, but registered by an acceptable registry as for Individual or Special Registration above, please submit the following:

  1. Litter Registration Application;
  2. A photocopy of the non-MASCA registered dog’s NASCUSA, NSDR, ASCA or AKC registration certificate;
  3. A photograph of the non-MASCA registered dog(s) in a standing position from the side;
  4. A minimum of three (3) generation pedigree for each of the non-MASCA registered dogs, with registration numbers noted as far back as known; and
  5. Registration fee.



Blue Ribbon Breeder Program

Blue Ribbon Breeders: These breeders have supplied hip and eye clearances on all breeding stock registered with MASCA and have agreed to follow the MASCA Code of Ethics.



Recording Titles

Title certificates (conformation, herding, obedience, agility, etc.) must be submitted for titles to be included on pedigrees of offspring. In the case of conformation championships, please also submit a recent photograph or color photocopy of a photograph together with the title certificate for permanent recording.